Ultrasound Before Abortion

Ultrasounds has caused some controversy in Virginia as state legislators are getting ready to vote on this bill that requires women to get an ultrasound before she gets an abortion.  Furthermore, the bill says that an ultrasound will need to check the heartbeat and provide an image of the fetus. This was aimed to discourage women from going through with an abortion.

Now, the controversy is not over what the ultrasound does, it is on the requirement of the process and the invasive process. Ultrasounds are painful and requiring this in order to receive an abortion has been compared by many women as “being raped”. Although there are other ways in which an ultrasound can be conducted, the bill specifically states that it must be a vaginal ultrasound rather than an abdominal ultrasound simply because an abdominal ultrasound cannot capture an image of the fetus.

Many advocates of the bill argue that the abortion process is more painful than an ultrasound and that it does not actually require that women to view the picture taken of the fetus. This is a change from other laws in other states that do require women to view the ultrasound picture. Although, requiring a women to go through this painful process without an informed consent seems harsh and controlling.

I believe that even though it might cause women to really think about their decision in getting an abortion, requiring them to go through this process without their consent is wrong and should not be put into law. I imagine this process is also very painful for women and will only make a women more angry instead of having them rethink their decision. It is also a poor attempt for the anti-abortion groups who feel that this law will prevent women from getting abortions. This will only cause women to view anti-groups and the government in a bad light.

What do you think? Are you in favor of this legislation or do you feel there are other ways for anti-abortion groups to promote life?

The voting process was recently delayed to Wednesday allowing for more discussion and feedback from voters. It is predicted though that this will most likely pass and be signed by Governor Bob McDonnell.



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